Since 1942, the octagon is still alive!

The famous MG octagonal logo means so much to so many people throughout the world. For nearly a century the MG badge has been a source of inspiration to thousands of enthusiasts and it continues to symbolise the virtues of fun, freedom and style.

When it comes to MG, its octagon logo occurs to the mind of every car lovers in the world. The octagon represents the vitality and quality in the UK aristocratic tradition. Over the past 85 years, MG has been adding new connotation to the octagon logo, becoming a totem of all the car lovers in the world.

On the speedway, MG logo is the incarnation of the dreams and glories of numerous champion drivers.

In a series of significant car racing events, MG has created over 40 world speed records, such as Fastest LMP2 in 24 Hours of Le Mans, winners of 3 BBTC races, Caterham R400 Challenge Champion breaking the F1 speed record, 7 match records of Midland Speed Championship, Euro STC Record, and British National Road Race Record, etc. These records fully interpret the stable, firm and stretchable octagon logo, From the perspective of millions of car lovers, MG logo signifies the pursuit of character and quality.

If one MG logo brings to you the pride of being the owner of a car that a great many legend people hold in possession, such as Harold Wilson, Winston Churchill, Margaret Hilda Thatcher, and Victoria Beckham; more MG logos will make you an object of envy in the eyes of many logo collectors.